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scRNA-Seq in Immunology – A Case Study of the Nadia instrument

T helper (Th) cells play a central role in immunity, an avidly discussed topic in today’s applied and basic research environments. Th17 cells are...
3 min read

Meet Dolomite Bio at AGBT 2020!

It’s now less than one week until AGBT 2020, hosted on Marco Island in Florida. We hope you are ready to discuss the latest...
1 min read

A Merry Christmas from Dolomite Bio

It has been a busy year for all the hardworking elves at Dolomite Bio, so it’s our pleasure to present a roundup of what...
1 min read

Giving cells something to cling to: Hydrogel microdroplets

Encapsulating biological material in hydrogel droplets is a precise and complex task, requiring the latest approaches in both cell culturing and microfluidic technology. So...
6 min read