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Top tips for success in your single cell research

Single-cell profiling is an exciting area that enables useful insights into the genetic patterns of thousands of individual cells. This offers new and vital...
Juliane Fischer
3 min read

Researcher Spotlight: Dr Juliane Fischer

Why is application work important? Application work ensures there is a strong interface between customers and the development team which very important for the...
Hannah Collins
1 min read

Single Cell Biology conference in Cambridge

Wrap up of the Single Cell Biology conference in Cambridge The Single Cell Biology conference took place last week in Cambridge, UK. Paul Oakley, our...
Nadia Shakir
1 min read

Why is flexibility in your single cell research important?

Single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) is a cutting edge innovative technology that provides unprecedented insight into the expression patterns of thousands of single cells. Individually analyzing...
Juliane Fischer
1 min read